Advanced Exterior Plastering Residential and Commercial Plasterers Christchurch and Canterbury Area
Advanced Exterior Plastering Residential Plasterers Christchurch and Canterbury
Advanced Exterior Plastering Commercial and Residential Plasterers Christchurch and Canterbury
Advanced Exterior Plastering Christchurch and Canterbury Region

Exterior plasterers Christchurch, for all your plastering solutions, Advanced Exterior Plastering Christchurch.


There’s nothing quite so stunning as a beautifully plastered building. The clean lines that expert plastering create highlight and enhance the architectural design of any structure, modern or ancient.

Each angle is defined by a crisp edge and each curve by a smooth arc. The classic finish of properties plastered by Advanced Exterior Plastering, Christchurch really are a statement in themselves.

The man behind the team at Advanced Exterior Plastering is Sebastiaan Bastiaanse. As managing director of the company, Sebastiaan has had over 30 years to reach this pinnacle in business. He is trade qualified in solid plastering and proprietary plaster cladding and is also a licenced building practitioner.

If you need any more verification as to his dedication to the industry, we can throw in his former presidency of the Canterbury Master Plasterers and Tilers Association. A tad too busy these days to continue with a leadership role, Sebastiaan still takes his company’s membership with CMPTA very seriously.

Advanced Exterior Plastering are Canterbury’s leading company in their industry sector. The application of cladding and modified renders to houses, apartments and commercial projects, even churches, is a technical and specialised process. It requires the right mix of plaster and a team well-trained in its application as well as an adherence to industry compliance standards.

Our association with sister company, Erect Scaffolding means we can offer the full quotient of exterior services, from SARNZ qualified support systems to CMPT standard coating, plastering and cladding finishes.

Call the team at Advanced Exterior Plastering for these top-quality services.

  • Plaster cladding.
  • Plaster repairs and cracking solutions.
  • Refurbish and renovation projects.
  • Earthquake strengthening.
  • Brick renders.
  • All types of substrates

Exterior Plasterers Christchurch, Plasterers Christchurch and covering the Canterbury region. Advanced Exterior Plastering Christchurch.

The Team:

Our senior qualified staff exemplify the E in Excellence. We understand it helps to be a bit of a perfectionist to be a plasterer; not only are our team rather pedantic in the way we approach our job, we are also skilled enough to be able to perform it quickly and cost-effectively.

The team at Advanced Exterior Plastering, Christchurch consist of a group of workers who really love their industry. The satisfaction we receive from applying our quality coatings is huge – and we enjoy showcasing the resulting exterior image.

You might think we are showing off a little, and you would be right. Our team know their stuff and are happy to share that expertise with you.

  • First up, of course, is Sebastiaan Bastiaanse. His years of experience as a plasterer have taken him to the top of his game and his focus on professionalism has given him the ability to select the best team.
  • The two foremen standing alongside Sebastiaan are Lyndon Williams and Guy Cook. These senior staff members have a combined total of 30 years’ industry experience. Add that to Sebastiaan’s years in the trade and you have an impressive line-up of skills and industry knowledge.

Lyndon is trade qualified in sold plastering, proprietary plaster cladding systems and in external insulation finishing systems.

Guy Cook shares those same qualifications and both chaps have earned their credentials whilst employed by Advanced Exterior Plastering.

These team leaders are supported and complemented by a strong contingent of operators, all either trade qualified or engaged in working towards achieving trade certifications. Each member of our team holds Site Safe Building Construction Passports and first aid certificates.

Advanced Exterior Plastering Christchurch, experienced plasterers Christchurch in the use and application of Sto, Specialized Construction products, Hebel, Equus, Dulux, Masons, Wattyl, and Loxo.


Sto – Incredible stuff.

Advanced Exterior Plastering, Christchurch have a handle on what we describe as the world’s worst kept secret in plastering products. We don’t want to keep the products we use under wraps and so are proud to discuss the Stoanz Ltd range of products with our clients.

Sto products are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Starting out as a simple and rather rustic German lime and cement works, the original company making Sto-like products has been around for over a century – since 1835 in fact – and they have evolved dramatically to reach the superior status apparent today.

Sto is now a leading supplier of façade insulation systems and manufacturer of high-quality exterior (and interior) plaster and coating systems worldwide.

Ecologically oriented, Sto is geared towards sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental management.

BRANZ certified to suit New Zealand conditions and local climate, Sto is our product of choice to ensure the quality of your exterior coating. The Sto systems have been developed to fit an incredible range of render, plaster and insulation functions, including:

  • Render brick
  • Cavity cladding
  • Stucco
  • Insulation
  • Panel cladding & block veneer
  • Fibre cement
  • Concrete block
  • Polystyrene block

Advanced Exterior Plastering Christchurch are also proficient in the use and application of Specialized Construction products, Hebel, Equus, Dulux, Masons, Wattyl, and Loxo.

We know our stuff(s)

Advanced Exterior Plastering for all Exterior Plastering Covering Canterbury.

Health and Safety:

Long-term dedication to good practice.

With today’s stringent guidelines and regulations around health and safety in any sector, it’s clear that to run a successful business a focus on industry standards is vital.

But the workmanship watchdog, Canterbury Master Plasterers and Tilers Association (CMPTA) has been in existence since 1905. That’s true commitment to ensuring the longevity of excellence in plastering services.

This quality governance is at the forefront of Sebastiaan’s company policy. His entire team are trained not only to reach and maintain these high standards but also to up-skill and receive regular workplace inspections to ensure compliancy is upheld.

CMPTA promote health and safety policies for companies such as Advanced Exterior Plastering who seek growth and professional development in all aspects of their craft.

Our risk management is also a major priority and we have procedures which cover every facet of our employee, contractor and client safety.

When you call our team, you can be guaranteed of receiving the highest possible workmanship encompassing:

  • Industry standards
  • Compliancy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Client peace of mind
  • Ethical business practice
  • Health and safety training
  • Building Construction Passport possession

Programmed Maintenance:

Painted surfaces should be washed down and repainted every 5 to 8 years with the correct paint for the substrate.

Exterior Painting

Our experienced painters can recommend and apply the correct paint to the existing substrate.

High build elastomeric paints, waterproof membranes, breathable paints to residential and commercial buildings and fencing.

Decorative cement and Limewash effect paint to exterior and interior walls.

Epoxy paints to concrete floors and warehousing.

Stains and oils to timber.

Advanced Exterior Plastering has its own Scaffolding, Mobile Scaffolds, Scissor Lifts and High-Pressure Water Blasters to Provide an efficient one-stop Service.


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